Diagnosis Of Cardiac Tamponade

Diagnosis Of Cardiac Tamponade image

In many conditions, pericardial effusions can accompany pericardial disease. These effusions can be small and benign, or larger and hemodynamically significant depending on pericardial compliance and other factors. Cardiac tamponade has typical symptoms and signs, although these can be subtle and require careful attention. Typical findings of cardiac tamponade on physical exam and in the cardiac catheterization laboratory are described and discussed.

Course Details

In this course, you will learn:

  • To differentiate pericardial effusions from cardiac tamponade based on symptoms, signs, and hemodynamic measurements
  • To enumerate the typical physical findings and significance of pericardial effusion in a clinical context
  • To differentiate the typical findings of cardiac tamponade in the cardiac catheterization laboratory from other related conditions